Lighted signs elevate your space, draw attention, and ensure you are seen.

Our elite team at On Display Signs in Louisville works with each client to design, manufacture, and install custom lighted signs for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our signs are used for retail storefronts, office lobbies, restaurants, and small businesses.

All of our lighted signs require some type of electrical junction in the wall or ceiling to be provided within 6’ of the sign, and access to the wall/ceiling for wiring.

By using our unique low-voltage and high-impact LED lights, you can use any RGB color combination to match your brand perfectly.

When you want your business and brand to stand out, get started with a custom LED-lighted sign.

Types of Illuminated Signs

LED tube lighted signs are used to create that classic neon look without the neon gas and high utility bills.

LED Tube Signs

Cabinet lighted signs are durable, strong, and affordable.

Cabinet Signs

Channel letter lighted signs are great for marketing services because they are highly visible.

Channel Letters

Push-thru acrylic lighted signs are excellent for small letters and logos.

Push-thru Acrylic Signs

Halo-lit lighted signs have the light coming out of the background area.

Halo-lit Signs

Illuminated Sign Descriptions

LED Tube (Neon) Signs: Modern day neon signs use LED tube lights to create that classic neon look without the neon gas and high utility bills. They provide a bright, dimensional effect and are colored customized to match your branding.

Cabinet Signs: Also known as a “wall” or “box” sign, our cabinet signs are a traditional marketing tool for large graphics and a clear copy area. The lighted sign is strong, durable, and can be made to fit any budget.  Non-illuminated shallow “pan” cabinets can make a great background for channel letters.

Channel Letters: Channel letter signs are an essential part of marketing and advertising for your business. These large store-front signs are typically front-lit with LED lighting and are timeless, affordable, and effective.  Back-lit or halo-lit channel letters are also becoming more and more popular.

Push-thru Acrylic Signs: This is a sign style using an aluminum cabinet routed to fit acrylic letters that are pushed through the aluminum. The acrylic is internally illuminated with LED lights. Typically the faces of the acrylic will have vinyl applied to them so the light is forced from the sides (returns) of the acrylic, creating a halo effect. This is a great option for halo-lighting very small letters or logos that are two small for reverse channel letters (halo-lit channel letters).

Halo-lit Signs: This is basically a channel letter turned around backwards so the light shines out the back of the letter and the face is aluminum, instead of the light shining out of the face of the letter with an aluminum back. For a cleaner glow without being able to see each individual LED light, ask for white polycarbonate on the backs instead of clear, to diffuse the light more evenly. It is also possible for letters to be front-lit AND halo-lit where light shines out a polycarbonate front and back.

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated Project Manager

To provide the best customer service, we provide each client with one dedicated project manager to walk you through every step of the process. From design to installation, your project manager provides one point of contact to ensure you are satisfied from start to finish.

Years of Experience

We design and install signs for a wide variety of both local and national companies. Whether you’re just starting out or opening a nationally recognized franchise in the area, we can provide the most effective products for your location.

100% Customer Satisfaction

With decades of experience, we know how to make things run smoothly and keep our process as stress-free as possible. Our only goal is to provide effective, engaging signage you love on time and within budget. Give On Design Display a try and see the difference.

“Brian is awesome to work with. He sent me a quote within minutes and his prices were the best out of the 5 I researched! It was a smooth process from getting the quote, sending in artwork, to payment! Definitely use On Display Signs again!”

– Janet Bannister, Louisville, KY

Light Up Your Business

Our lighted signs in Louisville provide the highest standard in bright and bold signage for your business.

Your project manager can help you choose amongst our endless customizing options to find the materials, colors, fonts, and graphics to match your brand aesthetic.

When you’re looking to stand out and shine bright, give us a call today and get seen tomorrow.


Let us create a sign that makes your message stand out in the crowd.