Why On Display Signs?

Our sign company in Louisville, KY would consider it an honor to design a sign that shows off your name, your authority and your dedication to your customers.

Dedicated Project Manager

Each client gets one dedicated person they work with. There’s a lot to creating a sign, but your Project Manager will handle every part for you. You’ll have consistent communication throughout the process.

Years of Experience

We have experience designing signs for every size business in every industry. We will work with you and guide you to ensure the final product is the sign your company deserves.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our smooth, stress-free process ensures that you get a sign that you love and that helps promote your brand. We will work with you to make sure your sign is effective, engaging, and within your budget.

“Brian is awesome to work with. He sent me a quote within minutes and his prices were the best out of the 5 I researched! It was a smooth process from getting the quote, sending in artwork, to payment! Definitely use On Display Signs again!”

– Janet Bannister, Louisville, KY


Let us create a sign that makes your message stand out in the crowd.

Sign installation is an important step for any brand. It ensures your existence is communicated to the public and helps bring people to you.

It is important that you work with a company who values your time and money.

The right professional will make the process easy, stress-free and reliable.

The Sign Installation Process

We offer installation services for a variety of sign options to ensure that we can provide services to everyone.

  • Site Surveys and Inspections – A step-by-step process is necessary to find the best spot to install your sign. Complicated installations require an inspection of the site, ensuring that our professionals design the appropriate size sign.
  • Mounting Process – Our professionals will ensure that your sign is mounted correctly through our professional process. They will monitor each step in the process from beginning to end and provide all the necessary equipment for sign installation.
  • Site Preparation – Before starting any work, we will make sure that the site is cleaned up and ready for installation. Preparing the area ensures that the whole process is completed safely and successfully.
  • Installation of Indoor Signs – Our services include installation options for a variety of indoor signs. You can choose from ADA signs, custom table covers, door signs, LED signs and more in any size you need.
  • Installation of Outdoor Signs – We offer services for the installation of many types of outdoor signs. You can choose from address signs, awning signs, banners, blade signs, channel letters and more.
  • Installation of Signs from Other Manufacturers – Our skilled professionals can install many types of signs, including those not designed and fabricated by us.

Professional sign installation includes expert technique and precise placing.

4 Benefits of a Professional Sign Installation

From a money-saving warranty to the best placement, a professional Louisville sign installation comes with a variety of benefits.

  1. Professional Technique – When you hire a professional team to design and install your sign, you know that it will be mounted properly and securely. They will provide all the necessary equipment, so you do not have to worry about buying tools.
  2. Best Sign Illumination – It is common knowledge that a well-lit sign is more likely to be seen any time of day. Hiring experience in sign installation means that your sign will be in the best spot to shine and not go unrecognized.
  3. Accurate Sign Placing – Professional sign mounters know the best areas and angles on your property to place your sign
  4. Warranty – When a professional company handles your sign installation in Louisville, KY, you get a warranty for a particular amount of time. It ensures that in the rare event something goes wrong, you will know who to call.

Professional sign installation provides you with a warranty for a certain amount of time.

Why You Need to Install a Sign for Your Brand

Customers are more likely to interact with your brand when there is a visible sign in front of their eyes. It encourages people’s curiosity and prompts them to discover more about the sign they are looking at. As people become more curious about your brand, it will attract them more to your business.

For your marketing dollar, signage produces the most leads. All day, every day, your sign is grabbing your customer’s attention and bringing them into the store or reminding them that you exist. Signage is a marketing investment that can produce multitudes of leads for many years.

Signage directs people to your brand and makes you recognizable on the market. Additionally, it is a good advertising strategy that is both affordable and long-lasting. Signs are a cost-effective solution built of high-quality materials. A professional Louisville sign installation and design will make sure that your business stands out from the crowd.

FAQs about Sign Installation

If you intend to install a sign in front of your company or store, you will need to first obtain a sign permit. This is required by the law for safety reasons.

If you intend to install the banners on a property you do not own, then you will need planning permission.

If the sign installation is finished properly, you can expect it to last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. However, the life expectancy of signs can vary due to the materials from which they are made as well as environmental factors. For example, signs are going to last longer if they are facing east or north, because they are not facing the sun as much.

Why Choose Us

One Dedicated Sales Manager: Customers are each assigned one person who is dedicated to their project. There are a lot of processes in creating a sign, and they will handle them for their customer. This ensures that there is dependable communication throughout the entire process.

Experience: Our experience doesn’t stop at just creating signs, we also have experience dealing with larger companies. This gives us the skills to ensure that your sign goal is communicated the same across all departments. We coordinate all departments to make one cohesive sign.

100% Customer Satisfaction: Our smooth, stress-free process ensures that you get a sign you love and that helps promote your brand. We will work with you to make sure your sign is effective, engaging, and within your budget.

Make Your Brand Recognizable Now

Signs are an affordable way to communicate to others about your business. When installed professionally, they create the perfect opportunity to have a positive first impression on others. Consider a professional sign installation in Louisville, KY if you want to take your business to the next level.

Taking the first steps towards committing to a sign installation is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. It is important that you find the right professional who values your business as much as you do.

Call the professionals at On Display Signs to receive the best sign installation service in Louisville, KY.


Let us create a sign that makes your message stand out in the crowd.